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A Working Meeting of Eximgarant and SINOSURE

On June 13, 2018, a working meeting of Eximgarant of Belarus and the Chinese export-credit insurance corporation SINOSURE was held.
Mr. Di Kai and Ms. Wang Xiaohua, SINOSURE members of the Board, led the delegation of Chinese ECA. Gennady Mitskevich, CEO of Eximgarant, Oleg Pavlovsky, Deputy CEO, Ilya Sakhar, Head of the International Cooperation Division and Andrey Sakovich, Deputy Head of the Export Risks Insurance Division represented national ECA.
Eximgarant presented information on the company’s activities, the main principles and approaches to support Belarusian exports. As well as information on the cooperation mechanisms between Eximgarant and foreign ECAs using reinsurance of joint enterprises exports to the third countries and opportunities to facilitate Chinese investment in Belarusian economy.
SINOSURE provided information on the company’s activities for the year 2017. Thus, the volume of new business amounted to 524.6 billion US dollars, and for the entire period of activity (17 years) the volume of insurance cover exceeded 3 trillion US dollars. SINOSURE ranks first in the Berne Union rating in terms of premium received and the volume of insurance coverage.
The parties noted the high potential for cooperation in various areas and, following the negotiations, agreed to sign the Reinsurance Agreement.