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Investment insurance

Investment insurance

For the purposes of reducing the exposure of investment to political risks in the recipient country, Eximgarant of Belarus provides insurance of the investments made by residents of the Republic of Belarus in foreign States against political risks.
The insurance covers risks related to the following fields of investment:
  1. tangible contribution in the form of goods shipped to a foreign State;
  2. transfer of funds to be invested in an overseas company;
  3. transfer of intangible assets to an overseas company;
  4. works performed (services provided) for an overseas company in the territory of the recipient country;
  5. financial loans granted to an overseas company within the investment mechanisms as specified in points 1-4.

In case the insured event takes place, Eximgarant of Belarus pays out the insurance compensation ensuring the guaranteed return of the resources invested.

Besides, the insurance of foreign investments gives you an opportunity to make use of credit resources against their financing on preferential terms.

The procedure of interaction:

The procedure of interaction
  1. setting up a joint venture, creating an assembly line, the subject of a commodity production network abroad, etc., previously agreed upon with Eximgarant of Belarus;
  2. insurance contract.
In case the insured event takes place:
  1. payment of the insurance compensation.

The list of documents required for the conclusion of an insurance contract:

  • application for the conclusion of an insurance contract;
  • the Charter, the constitutive documents of the insurant (in case it is the first insurance contract concluded with this insurant);
  • documents revealing the type and volume of investments, as well as the time they were made (treaties, contracts, agreements, authorizations of the recipient country, etc.);
  • information on the economic and financial standing of the overseas company and on its legal status.
Insurance regulations No. 32.