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Eximgarant took part in the BU SME Specialist Meeting

The Berne Union SME specialist meeting hosted by the export credit agency of Slovenia SID BANKA took place on June 7-8, 2018 in Ljubljana.
About 90 representatives from 47 ECAs took part in the event. Ilya Sakhar, the International Cooperation Division Head, Ekaterina Dubkova and Yulia Stejka, leading experts, represented Eximgarant. Sybil Svilan, President of SID BANKA and Dan Mancuso, Managing Director of EDC (Canada) opened the event. Mr. Mancuso presented information on the main trends of the Berne Union members small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) support and noted the growth in the development of special insurance and financial instruments for export support for such companies among the ECAs. In particular, 73% of ECAs have a specialized SMEs product. Over the past three years, the number of such agencies has increased by 10%. According to the Berne Union statistics, 8% of ECAs develop specialized products and 19% do not.
In the section "Trends and development of SMEs export - successful solutions for growth", a specialized on SME support operations Holland bank RABOBANK presented a case of SME financial support experience. Also the sections "Marketing, Sales and Relationship Management" and "Fintech solutions and new technologies: impact on credit insurance for SMEs" were held. The delegates took part in the Gallery Walk, where the leading ECAs - EULER HERMES (Germany), EKF (Sweden), EKN (Denmark), ATRADIUS (Netherlands), CREDENDO GROUP (Belgium), EDC (Canada) - presented best practices of successful export support mechanisms SMEs in their countries.
In the framework of the meeting, Eximgarant conducted negotiations with representatives of ECAs of Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Serbia, Oman, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada, the Netherlands, etc. on the development of bilateral cooperation to support export of joint ventures to third countries using reinsurance and co-insurance mechanisms.