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The Opening of the International Festival “Ballet Summer in Bolshoi”

On June 4, 2018 at the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus a press conference on the creative project "Ballet Summer in Bolshoi" was held as well as the premiere of the ballet "Petrushka."
“Petrushka” will open the International Festival with its title for 5 years partner Eximgarant of Belarus. The famous ballet that premiered in Paris in 1911 became innovative and turned the idea of 20th-century music. For the staging of “Petrushka”, the Belarusian Opera and Ballet Theater invited Andris Liepa, the theater director, who himself once danced the main part.
At the press conference Andris Liepa confessed that this is one of his favorite performances.
"This masterpiece of Mikhail Fokin, who is considered the founder of the modern classical romantic ballet, has lost a bit of relevance since 1911, but it will appeal to the modern spectator," he said.
Oleg Pavlovsky Deputy CEO of Eximgarant noted that by providing financial support to the project, the company contributes to the development of culture and enables art lovers to see ballet performances.