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Eximgarant of Belarus took part in the BU Spring Meeting

In March 2018 in Kilifi (Kenya), the Berne Union Spring Meeting was held. More than 200 representatives of export credit agencies from more than 50 countries attended the meeting.
The participants presented current trends and developments in the world export support systems, new supporting investments mechanisms, as well as relevant issues on doing business. Ilya Sakhar, the Head of the International Cooperation Division and Elizaveta Kharkovets, the leading specialist of the Division represented Eximgarant at the meeting.
Mr. George Otieno, CEO of the African Insurance and Trade Agency ATI (Kenya), noted the importance of holding the Spring Meeting in Kenya, because Africa today is one of the priority areas for the world trade development with both individual countries and African multinational corporations, the role of which on the continent is growing every year.
At the Berne Union Prague Club Committee meeting, Eximgarant took part in the discussion "Structural organization of export support systems". The participants exchanged information about the official export support systems in their countries, as well as the specifics of decision-making on export credits insurance. The discussion was attended by Dejan Vukotich, CEO of AOFI (Serbia), Matei Spichala, Chief Expert on long-term business (KUKE, Poland), Monica Kokhutova, CEO of EXIMBANKA SR (Slovakia), Mandisi Nkulu, ECIC SA Operations Director, and Erdan Bekhkhodin, Deputy Chairman of KazakhExport (Kazakhstan).
Eximgarant presented information on the topic "National system of export support in the Republic of Belarus - new opportunities of cooperation with foreign ECAs". Participants received brief information about the Eximgarant’s activities, insurance products and financial capabilities of the national ECA. The ATI presented the report "Regional support fund for independent electricity producers - cooperation with the German Development Bank KfW" and the multinational ICIEC presented information on "New online platforms that allow customers to manage their products and expand the integration of their systems into ICIEC systems."
During the meeting, BU secretariat provided information on financial indicators related to the Club Members insurance activities for the past 10 years. Thus, among the 38 Prague Club Committee members, Eximgarant took the 5th place in terms of "MLT New Business", as well as the 5th place in terms of "New Business". In addition, according to the Secretariat statistics, Eximgarant is on a permanent basis in the top 10 among the Committee Members in terms of outstanding commitments at the end of the year.
Eximgarant also conducted negotiations with export credit agencies of France (BPIFRANCE), the Czech Republic (EGAP), Kazakhstan (KazakhExport), Russia (EXIAR), Belgium (CREDENDO GROUP), multinational ICIEC, Poland (KUKE), Slovakia (EXIMBANKA), multinational African ATI, Croatia (HBOR), Slovenia (SID), Italy (SACE).