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The Joint Monitoring Mission of Austrian Control Bank OeKB and Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Austria visited Belarus

The purpose of the mission was to review the performance of investment projects implemented by Belarusian enterprises which were rendered export credit and insurance support by OeKB within the framework of Austrian system of export promotion.

In the course of the visit Eximgarant of Belarus held a meeting with the representatives of the monitoring mission led by the Head of the Directorate General III for Export Support, Guarantees and Restructuring of loan of the Ministry of Finance of Austria Johann Kinast and also involved OeKB delegates — the Vice President for Research, Analysis and International Relations Heidrun Schmid and the Director for Export Guarantees Karin Roitner. On behalf of Eximgarant the meeting was attended by the Director General Gennady Mitskevich, the Head of International Cooperation Division Polina Brovka and the Head of International Business Development Department Ilya Sakhar.

In the course of the meeting the parties exchanged information on the export support systems established in the respective countries as well as about the currently available mechanisms of export finance while applying insurance services. Eximgarant provided the monitoring mission with the details about new insurance products that could be carried out together with OeKB in the context of implementing joint investment projects in Belarus.

The representatives of the mission expressed their interest in extending the cooperation between the companies with respect to such issues as performing joint projects and supporting exports of joint Belarusian-Austrian companies to third countries.

At the same time, Eximagarant noted its interest in rendering insurance services when implementing investment programmes in the territory of the Republic of Belarus featuring OeKB.


In the course of the BU/PC Annual General Meeting on the 25th November 2016 Eximgarant of Belarus and Austrian export credit agency OeKB signed the Memorandum of Understanding. It is supposed to create basic conditions for cooperation between two companies in order to support Belarusian-Austrian volume of trade and joint projects to third countries. Besides, the document states the commitment to information exchange and working out new areas of collaboration.