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Eximgarant of Belarus participated in the Prague Club Spring Meeting

The Prague Club Spring Meeting was held in Ljubljana from 16 to 18 June 2014 hosted by SID Banka (Slovenia).

Eximgarant of Belarus participated in the Prague Club Spring Meeting

The first meeting day started with workshop for delegates of the Prague Club. The lecturers were the representatives of Natianale Borg Reinsurance — one of the leading world reinsurers, specializing in reinsurance of bank guarantees and export risks. Mr.Mario Grillo and Mr. Michael de Smet highlighted the main aspects of insurance guarantees, including basic insurance products, the global market of bank guarantees, and the difference from credit risks insurance in terms of underwriting.

Traditionally Mr. Fabrice Morel, the Deputy Secretary General, represented the main trends of export risks insurance in 2013. The trends confirm the growth and development of this business worldwide.

During the meeting, the presentation of the two companies (public and private) of Euler Hermes was organized. Speakers traversed the methodology for political risk levels determination as well as the methodology for country risk classification of OECD. At the meeting, the delegates discussed country risks with a special focus on Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Eximgarant of Belarus outlined some macroeconomic indicators based on the presentation of the Ministry of Economy of Belarus, published on the Prague Club website and available to all members of organization.

The delegates discussed technical issues regarding export credit insurance with official support as well as organizational issues of the Club.