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Eximgarant of Belarus participates in Belarusian-Chinese project

The representatives of Eximgarant of Belarus arrived to People’s Republic of China with working visit from September 25 to September 27, 2013.

Oleg Aniskevich, deputy director general of Eximgarant of Belarus, held negotiations with Chinese industrial corporation Great Wall. The representatives of Belarusian national reinsuring organization (BNRO) took part in the meeting as well.

The main issue that was addressed at the meeting in Beijing was creation of national system of satellite communication and broadcasting of the Republic of Belarus and insurance and reinsurance of this project.

Preliminary result of the negotiations held appeared to be the opportunity for Eximgarant of Belarus and BNRO to participate in reinsuring this project against risks together with Chinese party. Work on the possibility of insuring Belarusian-Chinese project will be continued.