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A new stage of cooperation between KUKE and Eximgarant of Belarus

On September 25, 2012 the delegation of the export insurance agency KUKE (Poland) paid a formal visit to Eximgarant of Belarus.

A new stage of cooperation between KUKE and Eximgarant of Belarus

The delegation of the Polish export insurance agency was headed by Ms Aleksandra Maria Hanzel. Mr Arkadiusz Skowron, Director of the risk management department, Ms Alicja Lis, director of the losses and subrogation department, as well as Maciej Spychala, the chief expert, were among those present at the meeting. The visit by the Polish delegation was due to the arrangements made by the parties in the course of the negotiations within the 17th Polish-Belarusian economic forum “Dobrososedstvo-2013” held in Belostok in June.

At the meeting, Gennady Mitskevich, General Manager of Eximgarant of Belarus, informed his Polish colleagues of the existing export promotion system in the Republic of Belarus, of the products offered by Eximgarant of Belarus to Belarusian exporting enterprises and banks, as well as of the performance results of the company. A similar statement was made by Ms Aleksandra Maria Hanzel, vice-President of KUKE.

At the September’s meeteng, a special focus has been given to direct contacts between the companies’ specialists, who exchanged their experience in the field of underwriting strategies, management of losses, subrogation, as well as business processes administration and technical aspects of dealing with clients.

Taking into consideration that the development of the foreign trade relationships of the Republic of Belarus as regards the promotion of Belarusian goods, works and services has been a priority area, Eximgarant of Belarus proposed that issues related to foreign trade risks reinsurance should be considered in cooperation with KUKE’s representatives.

Apart from that, Eximgarant of Belarus declared that it was ready to provide insurance cover against risks related to the implementation of investment programmes in the territory of the Republic of Belarus involving Polish capital subject to the insurance cover by KUKE.

The parties declared that such meetings would be held on a regular basis, which could raise mutual relations to a new level. The KUKE’s representatives invited Eximgarant of Belarus to pay a business visit to Poland.